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Export and Import WORD Doc

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2015 07:09PM UTC
Users have the ability to enter content directly into the Authoring Environment, or into an exported Word document of the course. This option is beneficial for users that may be receiving content from various sources, or for those that prefer working offline.
To set up your course for exporting:
  • Set your course structure
  • Edit your section headers
  • Add additional pages to sections
Following these steps is optimal for using this feature. Once the Word document is imported, the platform will match the components, section headers and pages in the document to those in the system. If the system does not find a match, that piece of content will not be imported.
Please Note: Images, Slides, Audio and Video cannot be imported. Tables, however, can be imported.
Set your Course Structure – Drag and drop, move, copy and/or delete components in your course structure.

Edit Your Section Headers – Rename your sections to the desired name.

Add Additional Page to Sections – If you would like to add more than one page in a particular section, click the “Add a New…” button at the bottom of the desired section.

Once you are satisfied with your course structure, you can export the Word document:
  1. Click the “Course Tools”  icon and select “Export WORD doc.”
  2. Select the desired export option; export question or commentary pages only, or all pages.
  3. Check the “Export as empty template” checkbox if you would like a template containing empty fields.
  4. Click the “Export” button.
Once content development is completed, this document can be imported back into the Authoring Environment. Additional content editing is available after the import function is performed.
Once content has been entered onto the Word document, follow these steps to import the information into the Authoring Environment:
  1. Click on the desired course for import.
  2. Click the “Course Tools”  icon and select “Import WORD doc.”
  3. Select the file to be imported.
  4. Uncheck the “Overwrite pages having active status” checkbox if you do not want to allow imported fields to overwrite existing content in the course.
  5. Click the “Import” button. Sections that were updated by the import will have a page status of “In Progress” .
  6. Check all pages to ensure content imported properly.

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