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Repeated Measure Question

Last Updated: Jul 14, 2015 09:36PM UTC
A Repeated Measure question introduces a brief clinical scenario to a learner followed by a series of statements, each of which needs to be designated as either consistent or non-consistent with evidence-based best practice. These statements are meant to assess the learners’ knowledge of the latest published data, assessment and diagnostic tools, pertinent clinical guidelines, as well as their ability to actively apply their knowledge to the clinical scenario presented. Overall, this question is designed to evaluate what the learner would actually do if a patient such as this presented to their practice.
The Repeated Measure question is presented prior to the first course of a curriculum (to establish a baseline), after the Post Test section of each course within the curriculum, and finally in the Post Curriculum Assessment. This method provides a learner with the opportunity to refine their responses based on their progressive learning.
Some important information to consider as you are drafting your Repeated Measure question is:
  • The Repeated Measure question should focus on the same topics in the entire curriculum.
  • The Repeated Measure question should be unique from any patient(s) discussed in any of the courses within the curriculum.
  • The patient presented in the Repeated Measure question should not be named to avoid confusion with the patient(s) discussed in the curriculum.
  • The Repeated Measure question should address all Learning Objections in the curriculum.
  • Statements should be succinct.
  • Statements should begin with a verb (an action that is going to be done) whenever possible.
  • If / then statements may also be useful.
  • Do not provide rationales within the selections (i.e. “As per guidelines, “Based on…”)
  • Avoid presenting additional clinical information with the statements.
  • Provide information within the initial scenario.
  • Avoid double negatives.
  • Each statement should test only one thing.
  • The number of statements should not exceed ten if possible, to optimize learner engagement.
An example of a Repeated Measure question is below:

A thirty-year-old woman presents with persistent diarrhea and weight loss of eight lbs in one month. She is a working mother with three children and believed she was just suffering from anxiety and food allergies. However, recently she has been experiencing abdominal pain and feeling very fatigued. In addition, she is experiencing eye problems that she has attributed to allergies, but her symptoms have recently worsened with blurred vision and photophobia.
The patient is in good physical condition, exercises regularly, but she smokes about half a pack of cigarettes a day.


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